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Smart Glass

The smart glass windows market is growing fast. Smart glass has been installed in commercial aircraft, automobiles and the corporate buildings of companies including Google, Disney, Merck, eBay, Microsoft, Progressive, IBM, and Fox News. Producers have raised over $1 billion in funding over the last few years, and the technology is gaining wider commercial traction driven by demands for privacy, adaptability, information, improved safety, energy savings and living comfort. Despite a rise in market adoption, cost and scalability remain general challenges for the smart glass industry.

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While the window systems manufacturer focus is on improving windows and glass facades for enhanced comfort, privacy and sustainability, smart glass manufactures focus on thermal management, energy efficiency, and privacy applications by controlling or modulating how voltages, light, or heat is applied to the window. These technologies allow for the state of the glass to switch between transparent and translucent. This transition can occur passively or actively depending upon the connected device technology. Commercial buildings represent the current market for smart glass, but one glass manufacturing leader is focused on increasing adoption within the residential market.

Innovation through Superior Engineering

Enter Technicity, who is working seamlessly with the Tech and Innovation Center of this leading provider of residential glass to rapidly design and prototype a connected Smart Glass solution that is designed to work within the DNA of any smart home. “The company designs and fabricates the most advanced residential glass products in the industry” says Technicity EVP Robert Lane, “and it is essential that we help turn around these fresh ideas into useful products that regular homeowners can use.” The company provides turnkey solutions to its window system/manufacturer partners – so providing a complementary device networking solution (IoT managed service) that removes the guesswork, cost, and burden of maintaining their own IoT cloud infrastructure and API’s and SDKs was important. Equally important were simple asset tracking, installation and provisioning, and system diagnostics processes and tools that make the installation and maintenance of the Smart Glass environment bulletproof. Making the company’s tagline “Innovation through Superior Engineering” evident in every aspect of the connected product and service design was the goal from day one.

Better Process Drives Better Results. Technicity Service Design focuses on creating optimal service experiences. This requires taking a holistic view of all the related factors, their interactions, and supporting materials and infrastructures. Service design sessions often involve the creation of personas, customer journey maps, stakeholder maps, and value network maps. These are based on the insights from qualitative research and studying customers’ interactions with the brand which offers deeper insights and better customer experiences. Technicity leverages the learnings from the service design sessions to produce a better connected product experience - from opening the box to installing and provisioning the service and from enjoying the smart device to diagnosing or even preventing issues by analyzing data in the cloud.

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About Technicity

Technicity is a connected strategy and product engineering company. We work with you to ideate, design, prototype, launch, and then transfer your concepts and ideas. Throughout the process, we innovate with you at every step, ensuring the best possible connected products, services, or concepts that get delivered to your end-users. Our unique approach to scope definition and innovation sets the stage for success. Show others your vision by putting together a proof of concept to raise money, to prove an idea works, or to see a concept in action. We provide services to finish out the scope definition with a first production release so you can launch your connected vision to the world. Start making your connected products vision a reality today, contact us at

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Iotery is an Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Service that removes the guesswork, cost, and burden from maintaining your own IoT cloud infrastructure. Create your networks and devices, either in the Iotery dashboard, REST API, one of our many SDKs (e.g. node.js or python). Connect your embedded device using the Embedded API or the python SDK and start sending data. Offer new IoT connectivity services to support rapidly growing customer IoT data and application needs. Service large geographic areas with security and ease. Demonstrate added value through automation, monitoring, analytics, and insights. Rapidly deploy managed environments, operations, and support for your products or clients. To learn more - or to get started in as little as 15 minutes - connect with us at

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