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Autonomous Vehicle Communications (V2X)

Autonomous Vehicle Development

The shift to electric vehicles (EV’s) coincides with a sea change in the ways in which transportation will be consumed in the future. The automotive world will be transformed to become much more consumer-connected, on-demand and largely autonomous. The cars of the future will need greater connectivity and modularity, as well as the ability to drive themselves and to prioritize the next tasks to perform on their own.


Even for well-funded automakers, suppliers, start-up businesses and academic institutions, the cost of developing specific technologies needed to support autonomous-vehicle (AV) R&D can be daunting. Universities and technical colleges need to focus on teaching the next generation of engineers how autonomous vehicles might affect their future. The availability of affordable, technically open vehicle communications systems (V2E) will be important to the acceleration of innovation in this autonomous space.

Not everyone who wants to work on autonomous cars wants to build the entire self-driving capability from scratch. Indeed, for some, the fact that the car self-drives might even be almost irrelevant. Autonomous vehicles will essentially be in various stages of R&D for the next 7-10 years and It’s unclear how the first Level 4 fully autonomous vehicles will get onto the road in a commercial sense. Flexible data acquisition and control and secure communications solutions are enabling advanced engineering, product trials, and service innovations – inside the vehicle, across the infrastructure and within the cloud.

A Big “R&D Vehicle” for Small-and Medium-scale AV Suppliers

If you are a software engineer developing, integrating or testing very distinct connected products: computers, sensors, cameras, infrastructure, applications - the car itself is just a small part of the product set, however, in every case, testing vehicle communications (V2E) in real-world environments is essential. “We are helping to accelerate development of autonomous vehicles and to make “data connectivity, privacy, and capture” scalable in ways that make it available to any business or University - not just large companies - and speed up autonomous vehicle development in general,” observes Technicity CEO, BJ Yurkovich.

Big Results. Technicity partners with clients working toward commercially sustainable smart mobility applications for connected and autonomous vehicles to reduce carbon emission, monitor traffic in real-time, identify infrastructure issues, reduce traffic accidents and injuries, provide reliable and accurate journey information, and monitor vehicle health and predict issues that require robust and secure communications for vehicle to cloud, vehicle to infrastructure, and vehicle to vehicle data transfer. “We were up and connected and collecting data from our autonomous vehicle platform in less than an hour,” says Justin Ruths, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas. With Technicity’s IoT Manage Service, information processed from a variety of sources is automatically structured in a secure cloud environment ready for analytics and machine learning and available for future applications that provide the predictive and contextual intelligence for connected and autonomous vehicle applications.


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