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Medical Device Monitoring Platform

Medical Devices in Mobility

“Smart health” is an emerging concept that refers to the provision of healthcare services for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up management at any time or any place by connecting information technologies and healthcare. IoT enables physical devices to collect and exchange data in an automated way. IoT-enabled smart devices allow population management services and medical centers to provide preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment more competently. IoT-enabled cloud services provide solutions to emerging issues in healthcare services, such as real-time patient health monitoring, particularly in patients with acute and chronic diseases (e.g., heart failure, arrhythmias, diabetes, and asthma attacks).

medical device

New opportunities are focusing on recently developed patient health monitoring platforms based on IoT-enabled smart devices that can collect real-time patient data and transfer information for assessment by healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals, population management services, and clinics - or for patient “self-management.”

Smart Health Itself Incorporates the Essence of Digital Transformation

IoT technology from Technicity allows stakeholders to monitor driver health data in real time. Recent and pioneering demonstrations in the commercial vehicle industry (think over-the-road truck driver health) have investigated patient health monitoring using advanced biosensors combined with an IoT-embedded device and managed HIPAA-compliant IoT cloud service from Technicity. When the leading global supplier of a full range of cab-related products and systems for the global commercial vehicle market, which includes the heavy-duty truck market, the medium-and heavy-construction vehicle markets, military, and the bus and agriculture markets, wanted to explore a range of potential “in-cab” health monitoring strategies it engaged Technicity and its device partner Infotronix to create a prototype platform of noninvasive biosensors that allow for real-time driver health monitoring with an eye toward developing a suite of innovative products and services that promise to improve driver health and wellness, to increase the timeliness of needed care, to boost treatment adherence, and to literally “drive” improved health outcomes.

While digital innovation offers tremendous opportunities for growth and value creation, it comes with its own set of engineering and user experience challenges. Cutting through the strategic and technical clutter is a core strength of Technicity. “Connecting our clients’ strategic vision to a roadmap of connected products and cloud-enabled services is vital; making sure that it connects to their customers, in this case, fleet owners and truck drivers, and is aligned with their brand and creates real business value is key,” observes BJ Yurkovich, CEO of Technicity.

The Result: The combination of temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, eye movement/eye response tracking, and perspiration/stress biodata capture devices connected along with electronic driver logs and other fleet GIS information over Technicity IoT managed services and HIPPA-compliant cloud services enabled rapid proof-of-concept and voice of customer for everything from real-time remote patient (driver) monitoring to patient and population analytics. This empowers the company and its OEM and fleet owner customers to visualize how medical monitoring could reduce the cost of care and allow drivers to assert more control over their health, wellness and care - eventually allowing both to actively monitor and manage one of the fastest growing costs in over-the-road transportation industry.

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Iotery is an Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Service that removes the guesswork, cost, and burden from maintaining your own IoT cloud infrastructure. Create your networks and devices, either in the Iotery dashboard, REST API, one of our many SDKs (e.g. node.js or python). Connect your embedded device using the Embedded API or the python SDK and start sending data. Offer new IoT connectivity services to support rapidly growing customer IoT data and application needs. Service large geographic areas with security and ease. Demonstrate added value through automation, monitoring, analytics, and insights. Rapidly deploy managed environments, operations, and support for your products or clients. To learn more - or to get started in as little as 15 minutes - connect with us at

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Technicity specializes in ideating, creating, and deploying vision. Infotronix utilizes one of the most advanced and innovative electronics design packages, Altium Designer, available to produce both internal products as well as customer-specific devices. Infotronix has experience developing specialized information acquisition and handling devices for battery management, inertial measurement, light, medium and heavy-duty vehicle communication networks as well as more general purposes (e.g. a BeagleBone Black cape developed to support bee research.) Infotronix has sound experience in embedded electronics device design and looks forward to hearing about your projects. For more information about custom electronics contact Infotronix at

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