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Advanced Manufacturing Process Control

If the global engineering and manufacturing community plans to keep unlocking the full potential of industrial 3D printing, together they will have to keep rethinking the fundamentals of design engineering and digital factories of the future. We are surrounded by 3D printing every day, and most of us have no idea. Your neighbor can walk past you with a custom 3D-printed knee replacement. The cab you take to work may have 3D-printed pulley mechanisms powering your trip. The planes we board might have a 3D-printed fuel nozzle powering the flight. The evolution of this technology is now helping power the world of manufacturing, creating new jobs, and increasing innovation across the globe. It promotes sustainability, efficiency and innovation.


Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) is rapidly expanding the prototyping, mold/casting and real-time manufacturing capabilities of many industries. However, the quality of AM produced parts is dependent on a number of machine controls, parts geometry and process parameters in both the extruded materials (plastic or metal or multi-materials used for 3D printing) and the finished printed process itself. The variability of these parameters affects the manufacturing drastically and therefore standardized processes and fine-parameter-tuned methodologies (manufacturing know-how) need to be developed to characterize the technology for end use applications and enable the technology for the best manufacturing results.

New Thinking = New Tools

In order to maximize and understand the freedom that 3D printing allows when utilizing new materials, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and material scientists must work in harmony from the beginning to understand new material properties. Enter iC3D, a strong culture-first organization who is a leading innovator in 3D equipment, filaments and services. “IC3D customers aren’t just buying the best products.” remarks Kimberly Gibson, CMO of iC3D “They’re buying the trust, confidence, and security that can only come from a team who designs their products for themselves first, and the market second.” In addition to developing custom 3D printing equipment, iC3D works with leading polymer companies like Dow, DuPont, and GE to develop high-quality filament for 3D printers and manufactured in in the USA. Offering 100% satisfaction and a trouble-free experience are the core components of the iC3D culture and a hallmark of their products and services.

It can be extremely intimidating for companies to rethink and rebuild their workflows and processes as it relates to engineering and manufacturing. More and more, companies are ready to embrace these new data-driven workflows but need advanced technologies to guide and automate the end-to-end data collection and analytically driven process control to ensure successful execution. The relentless pace of innovation within the additive manufacturing industry requires the use of responsive technologies, like affordable smart sensors and process controllers and flexible cloud infrastructure services (from Technicity and

While digital design and additive manufacturing innovation offers boundless possibilities for growth and value creation, it comes with its own set of engineering challenges. Making sense of the strategic and technical priorities is a core strength of Technicity. “Connecting our client’s discrete and process manufacturing equipment together and to the cloud was important; but making sure that their on-demand printed parts business connected seamlessly with their customers created exceptional business value and growth for iC3D,” observes BJ Yurkovich, CEO of Technicity.

The Result: an innovative and robust connected manufacturing platform that provides iC3D with real-time parameter-based controls for their high-quality filament extrusions lines, and the ability for better job control and finished product quality in their discrete parts and molds manufacturing lines. Driven by a network of process controllers and powerful and secure IoT cloud services, the iC3D Advanced Additive Manufacturing Platform provides full remote monitoring of every spool of filament and every production part. Line status, machine status, flow rates, temperatures, pressures, deposition rates, and more can be monitored, controlled and calibrated right from the cloud.


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